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Naturetech Infra engages with Corporates who are endeavoring on an Impact passed sustainable CSR Portfolio for project implementation. Our Smart Solar Village model act as an integrated platform for sustainable development, encompassing solar energy for electricity, water pumping, irrigation, sanitation, healthcare, smart classrooms, safe drinking water and clean toilets. This model is a template, where the synergizing corporate can pick and choose an intervention which they find relevant to their development policy goals and will be an important step in creating a powerful effect which would ensure permanent societal impact.

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CSR Project Proposals

Clean Energy Access through Solar AC Microgrid

Problem: Out of India's 1.2 billion people, 400 million do not have access to electricity, without which they are forced into a life of abject poverty and underdevelopment.

Approach:NaturetechInfra will provide clean energy access to the rural households by creating permanent Smart Solar AC Microgrid infrastructure. The technology model which includes a SMS based Pre-paid Energy Meters ensures consistent and hassle- free revenue generation for the continued operation and maintenance of the plant.

Value proposition to the villagers:
  • Compatibility with standard electrical appliances (220V AC supply)

  • Electricity whenever they need it (Energy Freedom)

  • Electricity as much they need it (up to 200 watt load/customer)

  • No bill related worries (completely prepaid, balance messages on mobile)

  • Buy prepaid recharges in sync with their seasonal income (3 month recharges)

  • No excess upfront connection cost (Only Rs. 500/customer)

Role of Corporate:

One time Low capex for a Smart SolarMicrogrid (Customised to Need of the Village)

Role of NaturetechInfra:

  • After the CSR support, Naturetech ensures 25 years Sustainable operation of the Plant without any cost repercussion to the supporting Corporate

  • Rs.150/month payable as minimum recharge per household.

  • User charges from Beneficiaries utilised to pay for O&M & equipment replacement cost of the Microgrid over 25 yrs.

  • Naturetech Provides an undertaking to ensure operation of the plant in case the Village Energy Committee fails to operate the plant

  • Revenue utilised to sustain plant operation for 25 yrs.
    •          -Cover salary for a local village level operator
    •          -Pay for Comprehensive Maintenance Charges to Naturetech

Smart Classroom based Education in Rural Schools


Most children in rural areas attend schools with no electricity leaving them without power for lighting, computers and other media devices. This has huge implications on their education. With lack of lighting they have very limited time for studying, without access to modern teaching techniques there exposure to the outside world becomes very limited


Naturetech Infra will provide roof-top Solarpower customized to the need and size of the school for lighting and powering multimedia devices. We have a technology partner on board who is a specialist in providing multimedia based plug and play learning materials in regional languages.

Role of Corporate:

One time Low capex for a Smart Solar School (Customised to the need and size of the school)

Solar energy for Irrigation


The Farmers in rural India struggle every day to grow the food for sale and consumption. Due to their limited means, most farmers pump water by hand or carry it in buckets, which is physically demanding and more often the shallow wells and drought further makes it difficult for them to grow crops.


Naturetech Infra will provide a typical solar powered pumping system consisting of a solar panel array that powers an electric motor, which in turn powers a bore or surface pump. This technology is simple, highly reliable and requires almost no maintenance.

Role of Corporate:

One time Low capex for a Solar powered pumping (Customised to the size of the land to be irrigated)

Solar energy for Clean Toilets


Current toilets in rural areas lack in basic infrastructure like flushing and are still following medieval techniques like manual scavenging which is highly unclean and disease prone. Due to unclean toilets in schools, enrolment of girls has severely reduced.


Naturetech Infrawill provide a typical solar powered pumping system consisting of a solar panel array that powers a pump to lift water to O/H water tank ensuring consistent water supply for flushing. This solution can be replicated in household as well as in schools. Providing the amenities for a clean hygienic environment will motivate more girls to enrol in the schools.

Role of Corporate:

One time Low capex for a Solar powered pumping system. Over head water tank and water piping work could be outsourced to a local contractor.

Solar Energy for Safe and Cold Drinking Water


Most of the water sources in rural areas are open and contaminated with disease carrying parasites. The local health centres have more and more health ailments brought about due to lack of access to clean water. Existing solutions have no electricity access for water filtration


Naturetech Infra will provide reliable electricity from a roof top solar plant for powering the water filtration unit.We have a technology partner on board who has a pan India presence in establishing Water ATM's.

Role of Corporate:

One time Low capex for a roof top solar power plant with water pumping system on the basis of water level. Cost of water vending/filtration, overhead water tank/piping to be taken care separately.

Naturetech Presentation on CSR

Key contact: Shyam Patra

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