Cementing relationships and solidifying commitments for cleaner environment through sustainable energy access:
The ACC Tikaria Works-BelkhorVillage Case Study


Out of 77 million households not having electricity access in India, 20 million are in Uttar Pradesh, 16 million in Bihar, 9 million in West Bengal & 5 million in Orissa (As per Census 2011 Survey) Coming to the state of UP, whatever may be the claim regarding the percentage of electrification of villages, the truth is that such electrified villages on an average gets 6-8 hours of very un-reliable electricity. ACC decided to bring the difference to one such village near its Tikaria Cement Works under the CSR ambit.


ACC came to know about the village electrification work being done by Naturetech Infra through their Innovative & Ultra Low Cost Solar Microgrid Model and contracted them to install a pilot plant. The key features of the Village Electrification Model being 24 hours electricity supply, customers can plug in TV, Fan, music systems etc. (up to 200 watt load), smart installations requiring less land foot-print, SMS based prepaid meters and intelligent theft-free power distribution network etc., while providing an opportunity for surplus power for village level micro enterprises as well.

The most unique feature of this CSR project being a 25 years Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) undertaking from Naturetech Infra, to ensure plant is up and running without any extra cost from ACC.

Prior to installation of the project the prospective beneficiaries were told to pay minimum Rs. 150 as monthly prepaid electricity recharge. A joint bank account (VEC & ACC) was opened to save all monthly revenue, which is utilized to pay the salary of a local village operator, pay the quarterly installment for the CMC charges etc. This monthly revenue collection mechanism which has been possible because of the sms based prepaid meter builds the foundation for a sustainable and replicable CSR Intervention across the other un-electrified villages.

Smart Pole mounted Solar Microgrid Installation- 1 KW Solar Panel, along with Battery Bank, Inverter enclosed inside a ground mounted metal box for security

The SMS based recharge prepaid metering is one of its kind. As per the recommendation of the Village Pradhan, a person preferably a shop keeper with bank account is made as the Recharge Agent. He gets a commission with every recharge done. He deposits money with Naturetech in advance and gets energy credit limit.

Customers come to him and make payment for the recharge based on their requirement. The Agent sends a SMS along with scheme code and meter code to the server and the corresponding energy credits are remotely transferred to the customer's meter. This SMS based prepaid metering system ensures that there is no payment collection hassles or over-draw of electricity, which are the major challenges of electrifying remote villages.


Company: ACC
Implementation and Technology Partner: Naturetech Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Technology: Ultra Low cost Smart Solar AC Microgrid
Location: Belkhore Smart AC Solar Microgrid,Gauriganj,Amethi,UP
Size: 1 KW
Electrified Households: 30
Year of Installation: November 2014

Social Return On Investment:

Bringing difference to lives of 30 families or about 150-200 persons and all kids studying in the school, translating to:
  • Quality Education & healthier ambience for kids in school as well as back in their homes
  • Better maternal and kids health with lower internal pollution and clean toxic-free environment
  • Increase in economic activity and earnings
  • Preventing burning of about 2000ltrs of kerosene /annum
  • Emission reduction of 2 tonnes of CO2/annum /1 KW Solar
  • Green energy generation by 1500 units/annum
  • Saving diesel of 500 ltrs/annum/KW of Solar PV
  • Promoting Sustainable Rural Entrepreneurs
  • Generating Rural Employment


The project created work for 4 villagers during installation of the project. During Project operation it has created additional income for two villagers,

1- Plant Operator

2- Recharge Agent

This project is first of its kind in the country and also one of the cheapest Smart Village Electrification Models in the World.

Besides meeting the basic lighting and mobile charging needs of the villagers, the system also keeps surplus power for optional loads of customers like running a TV, laptop/computer and fans etc. and for micro enterprise loads like shops, electric stitching machines, under 1 HP water pumps etc.

The Project promises for replication across all the installation of ACC, bringing lasting social impact to the community around ACC Plants- "From Darkness to ACC Spark of Life".

To learn more, please contact: Shyam Patra

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