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Naturetech Infra technology model acts as a one stop solution for NGO's who are outreaching for technology implementation partners in clean energy and water access. There are several common grounds for striking a partnership and developing operational synergies. Our technology model provides solar energy based solutions for sustainable development, encompassing solutions for electricity, water pumping, irrigation, sanitation, healthcare, smart classrooms, safe drinking water and clean toilets.
With our strong grassroots movement, we can provide our expertise for market intelligence, market penetration and comprehensive product outreach for the associating NGO.Such an association will be highly efficient in evolving a holistic and sustainable development model for rural India.

NGO Partners

Bihang Welfare Association
Bihang is a non-profit humanitarian organization which actively supports and works for the sustenance of the society by creating opportunitiesfor the participation of socially and economically marginalized sections in the development process through networking alliance building.

Surabhi Skills is a National level NGO in providing Skills Development Training , registered as a Partner of NSDC, with over 50 training centres spread in 10 states of India, providing training in sectors like Automation, Retail, Electronics, Agriculture, Apparel sector, Beauty & wellness and healthcare.

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy
The Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy is a non-profit, independent, organization that provides research, development of technology, training and information for the manufacture, industrial innovation and implementation of renewable energy technologies and energy savings in Denmark and throughout the world. Folkecenter intends to achieve measurable increases in the utilization of renewable energy technologies and thereby significant reductions in environmental pollution associated with energy use in Denmark and elsewhere. It obtains support from local authorities, national and international agencies, and the industry. The ultimate long term purpose is a complete replacement of fossil fuels and atomic power with renewable energies.

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