Common Challenges:

  • Inflexible power supply hours

  • Hassel in Payment collection

  • Payment default

  • Rigid tariff structure

  • Fragile Grid Infrastructure

  • Incapable for adding additional loads

  • High risk of theft

Naturetech Infra Technology Model

Naturetech Infra's Solar Microgrid

  • Size : 1KW

  • Households : 30

  • Load up to 200W/ customer

  • Power point for Mobile Charging/TV/Fan

  • 2LED/CFL lights for great lighting experience

  • Theft proof

Smart SMS based Pre-paid metering system

  • Can be recharged from anywhere by admin and village based recharge agent

  • Get Energy balance and Status of Recharge on registered mobile number

  • No place for payment delay and collection hassle

  • Villagers recharge based on their energy need

Cloud Based Server

  • Individual Customer Details

  • Project Location and performance

  • Identified by unique meter code

  • Valuation of Energy generation

  • SMS based alert in case of low balance

Remote Monitoring

  • Database of Energy Generation and Energy consumption

  • Admin can validate the data from the energy meter

  • Quicker and co-ordinated response to discrepancy

  • Remote Start and Shutdown from one meter to the entire grid

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